This barbie astronaut is going to the air

Barbie made a new doll, an astronaut. And he was allowed to go into the air for a weightlessness flight. By descending quickly with a plane, passengers will be weightless for a while, just like in space.

The flight was made during World Space Week. This year the week is dedicated to female astronauts. The barbie doll must present Italian female astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. You‘ll see her in the video above.

According to astronaut Cristoforetti, it is important that there are more female astronauts. So far more men than women went into space. A total of 568 people have been in space, 65 of whom are women.

The first woman was the Russian Valentina Tereshkova. She went into space in 1963.

Cristoforetti has been in space once. She’s training for her next mission now. Whether the barbie doll will last is not yet known.