‘This is a great club, we have the potential to get back into Eredivisie very quickly’

Willem II coach Kevin Hofland won FC Utrecht 3-0 on Sunday afternoon, but sat through it quite a bit afterwards. The degradation of the Tricolores obviously falls heavily on the practice master.
Under Hofland, Willem II took a lot of points in the end of the Eredivisie, but it turned out not to be enough for enforcement. After the relegation, the Tilburg supporters put Hofland and co. and heart under the belt. โ€œThat‘s worth a compliment to the fans,โ€ says the coach at ESPN. โ€œI want to thank them on behalf of myself, the team and the staff. The disappointment and emotion is huge, also with me. I don’t know either…โ€
Hofland has an expiring contract with Willem II, which makes it highly uncertain where his future lies after the relegation. โ€œWhat I‘ve said before: we’ll talk to each other at the end of the competition. Of course, we were supposed to maintain ourselves, but it‘s not up to me, it’s up to the club. I‘ll see it.โ€
Would Hofland be open to a longer stay at the number seventeen of the Eredivisie in the first place? โ€œI’
m always willing to listen. I am having a good time at this club, also with the people around me. This is just a nice club, we have the potential to come back very soon.โ€