This is how Jeroen deceived Look in the Vegte his family

Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte has pulled out all the stops to keep his participation in the jubilee season of Wie is de Mol quiet. The 46-year-old radio DJ and presenter tells on NPO Radio 2 that he had wised family and friends to go on a long journey through New Zealand.

To make the imagined journey of three weeks extra credible, Jeroen had his good friend and ‘travel buddy’ Charlotte – who lives in the country – send souvenirs from the country. “I asked her if she would like to buy ten refrigerator magnets at the local tourist shop in Auckland so that I could distribute them here”

Jeroen also regularly sent apps to colleagues with photos that he received from Charlotte via Whatsapp. He also downloaded an app to keep up to date with the latest weather conditions.

In 2017 Jeroen also participated in Wie is de Mol. He had to leave the game after episode five. This year, the show celebrates its twentieth anniversary and ten former participants will be given a second chance.