This is how students themselves look at the corona rules

The coronavirus circulates rapidly among students. After a large number of new corona outbreaks during introduction weeks, at student parties and in cafรฉs, the cabinet is coming up with new measures tonight.

What do students themselves think about the infections and the measures? CCeit asked them on 3.

First the facts. The number of clusters of infections among young people is increasing rapidly. In Tilburg, Groningen, Delft and Nijmegen these can be traced back to student houses or parties. By way of illustration: in the latter city there were 51 corona infections among visitors to a student cafรฉ. 230 other, mainly young, visitors are in home quarantine.

Many students admit that keeping things at a distance can also go wrong. At the university and in the supermarket, but certainly also at parties. When some beers go in, everyone forgets the rules, says Jule (23), a student of movement sciences.

She sees the result all around her. I hear more and more stories about roommates with corona. Or people who have to be quarantined. A wake-up call from the cabinet to students is therefore not a bad idea, in her opinion.

But students who do their utmost to keep to the other half-metre society also run into problems. Keeping your distance, for example, is difficult if you live in a student house with twenty people, such as Fransje (23). They all share the same toilet, shower and kitchen. An infection can therefore circulate quickly, especially when all those housemates have their own clubs, sports activities and groups of friends.

According to Fransje, there is a need for health advice that fits in with the world of students. A lot of rules and advice have been devised from the idea of a nuclear family. Married people with a large garden. Not all of the Netherlands looks like that

Closing down the hospitality industry sooner

Vincent (20), a student of music, fears that stricter measures will have to be taken. According to him it is a small group that is lax about it. But he doesnt see closing up the hospitality industry sooner as the solution. People are more inclined to sit at someones house together. And then it becomes more difficult to keep your distance

Bilal (18) would also hate stricter catering rules. In addition to his education, he works in a restaurant, where he still receives fewer guests. Besides that, I just miss going out, being able to go loose

But the impact of the corona rules goes further than just limited going out. Especially the lack of physical lectures is a common complaint among students. They spend the whole day in a room, have to postpone practical subjects and miss the opportunity to ask each other or teachers questions.

The Landelijke Studenten Vakb (LSVb) sees a solution for the latter problem in empty theatres and conference rooms. Many lessons now take place online, which is demotivating, says LSVb chairman Lyle Muns. According to him, this could be done better in those halls.

In addition, it can help against the increasing loneliness among young people. I was so hung up in my room for so long that it started to weigh on my shoulders mentally, says Sarah (24). Myrte (23), a student of earth sciences, also sees this more and more often around her. People cant see their friends and are getting mentally worse According to her, young people make a lot of sacrifices, while they themselves run little risk. The government should be a little less angry with young people

A sentiment that lives among students, among others. We do pay full tuition fees, have to attend all lectures at home and often no longer have a job. We are put to the test as students, says Fransje.