This is how travel will look in the future

The coronacrisis has changed the travel as we knew completely and forever. Travel website asked 20,000 travelers from 28 countries for their ideas about the new travel, from which a number of predictions rolled. A glimpse into the world of travel ever.

The general conclusions that the large-scale survey revealed: travelers will seek more safety on travel, clearer prices and conditions, and develop stronger preferences for where they travel to and with whom.

Two out of five (39%) Dutch travelers say they don‘t travel with a good feeling until a vaccine or treatment against the coronavirus is available. 26% of Dutch respondents say they want to see even more of the world. 22% say that in the future they have more to make up for lost time by 2020 (41% for Generation Z and 27% for Millennials). In addition, 17% plan to travel to celebrate a party missed by the coronavirus (such as an important birthday or wedding), while a third (33%) plan to rebook a cancelled trip.

What is more noticeable in the results:

The price and conditions are important

In the future, people want to see more value for their money and two-thirds of the Dutch (67%) say they want travel booking platforms to give more transparency about cancellation conditions, reimbursement processes and travel insurance. Moreover, 51% consider the possibility to cancel an accommodation (partially) free of charge as a basic requirement, and 35% believe that the same applies for flexibility to change travel dates at no extra cost.

Safety ahead

More than three in five Dutch travellers (62%) will take more precautions for future trips and expect support from the travel industry. Governments, travel agencies and providers need to work coherently on consistent safety standards for Dutch travellers. 32% of Dutch travellers will avoid certain destinations, and 65% expect tourist attractions to make adjustments to social distancing possible. At the same time, 52% only book a certain accommodation if the health and hygiene policy is clear, and two-thirds (66%) prefer accommodations containing antibacterial and disinfecting products.

Getting inspiration is also a little travelling


During the lockdowns, no less than 89% of Dutch travellers spent time getting inspiration for a future holiday. A quarter of Dutch people looked at potential travel destinations every week. Social media is not the only source of inspiration for Dutch travellers when they daydream about their next trip. 29% of Dutch people opt for a good, old-fashioned conversation with friends and family to stimulate their travel creativity. Also, almost a third (31%) of Dutch travellers become nostalgic when viewing old photos of previous holidays, which helps in deciding where the future trip is going.

It’s the little things that do it


The lockdowns have led to customized travel priorities and a desire to enjoy nature more. Since the beginning of the pandemic, has seen more and more recommendations for simple, enjoyable activities and things like hiking (94%), clean air (50%), nature (44%) and relaxation (33%). Research shows that six out of ten Dutch people (62%) have come to appreciate more simple experiences, such as spending time outdoors or with the family during their holidays. Almost half (44%) are longing for the countryside and want to go off the beaten track, in order to be able to relax outdoors.

All Holland travels (in Holland)

More than ever we explored our own country, after all we could not do otherwise. Appreciation for their own familiar environment will be given a place next to the lasting love and desire for long-distance travel, because almost a fifth (18%) of Dutch people plan to travel to a very distant destination by the end of 2021, by only 7% at the end of 2020

. but sustainable

More than a quarter (27%) of Dutch travellers want to travel more sustainable in the future. Almost half (49%) expects the travel industry to offer more sustainable travel opportunities. Dutch travellers will visit alternative destinations to avoid travel in high season (42%) and overtourism (45%). Moreover, the impact of the coronavirus has inspired almost half (43%) of Dutch travellers to produce less waste and/or recycle plastic waste when they can travel again.