This is how you create a moment for yourself during the lockdown

Selfcare has been a much-discussed topic among women for a while. The combination of a busy job and home education for the kids makes the hours tick away faster than ever before. A moment for yourself is therefore rare, but because of the constant overexcitation all the more important! Here is a list of how to create a wonderful moment for yourself.

1. ME-time in the bathroom

Are the children working independently and do you finally have the chance to escape the hustle and bustle? Treat yourself to a do-it-yourself spa treatment. See how you can do that here. Whether its a morning or evening routine, or a mask in the middle of the day, relaxation is guaranteed! Just make sure your mask is off before your next zoom meeting.

2. Make a list of happy songs

Music is always a good tool to make you feel better. And with your own list, you can add all your favorite guilty pleasures. Dont want to create your own music list? Type in happy songs on Spotify and you can dance for hours!

3. Colors for adults

A beautiful drawing (in) colors only for children? No! With the coloring books for adults, you can focus on the creative process and forget about everything else for a while. Also nice: diamond painting. A kind of painting by number, only you use diamonds instead of paint.

4 Video Call Your Girlfriends

What is the best way to blow off steam? Right, call your best friend and rattle. Even more fun it is to create a group conversation with multiple girlfriends or play an online game. Rummikub or scrabble always do well.

5. Create a Visionboard

Two birds with one stone: unleash your creativity and work on your goals at the same time. Browse old magazines and look for home inspiration, inspiring quotes, travel photos, beautiful makeup looks and cool hairstyles. You can cut out everything you like and use to create a collage with all your goals. Not so much of cutting and sticking paper? Do it online!

6. Dont scrolling aimlessly

If you see a chance to catch your breath for a few minutes, dont open your favorite social media app right away. Before you know it, youll get lost in all the perfect Instagram posts and your child will be bored again. Now your precious minutes are lost and you have to look for a new activity that remains fun for ten minutes.

7. Create a photo book

We have of course just started a new year and how nice is it to capture the past year in a photo book? Isnt there so much exciting happening in your 2020? Of course, you can always make a photo book of your most beautiful trip, an unforgettable party or the childhood of your offspring.

8. Workout in your pause

Moving is the ultimate way to move your mind. Walking is completely in during the lockdown, but you can also throw it over a different bow. Not only do gyms place their workouts online, but also a number of Youtubers show how they stay in shape for free. Buttocks, legs, abdominal muscles or anything at once, something for everyone.

9. Make a bucket list

We are all eagerly looking forward to the moment when we can travel, have a drink and party again. Although that is not yet possible at the moment, dreams can always! Which destination are you looking for first and which festival do you not want to miss? Make a bucket list and imagine yourself on a tropical island.

10. Make appointments

Last but not least, meet with your partner when its time for me-time. So maybe you can alternate with the kids and charge them both โ€” and that does wonders for the atmosphere. Win-win!