This is how you make your garden ready for the summer (just now!)

Now that people are forced to stay at home because of the Corona crisis, they dive into the garden, we reported earlier. Before you just do anything: make a step-by-step plan!

After hibernation our garden could use a pick-me-up. More and more people use their forced house arrest to dive into the garden. In doing so, it is useful to choose a thorough approach. First make a step-by-step plan, advises Erwin Stam, garden designer. Make a top 3 of the most important requirements

Then create a mood board with photos of gardens that appeal in terms of design and planting. Do this in a realistic way: images of a sun-drenched Mediterranean garden do not make much sense if you have a shady city garden. Sketch out on an A4 sheet of paper a rough surface division that gives you an insight into the distribution between paving (the living space) and greenery in the new situation. I myself aim for a ratio of 40-60; 40% living space and 60% green space. Of course you can also use a handy app for this

Finally, select the plants. Think of a layered structure so that something happens every season. In this way, you can have a well-prepared discussion with a recognised gardener to have your plans carried out. Or you can set to work yourself

Such a plan is handy, because a mistake has been made in this way. The most frequently made, as Stam sees all too often: When designing relatively small city gardens, apply different heights to the paving. This makes the garden optically even smaller and less user-friendly. It is better to start blank with the ideal new situation and then add the things you want to keep to the design, such as a pond or valuable shrubs and trees. Unfortunately you still see a lot of gardens that are filled with stone

A project like this doesnt even have to cost a lot of money: Even with few resources you can certainly do something. Think about planting a climbing hydrangea against a bare fence or reusing old tiles. Of course it depends on how much you do yourself and the size of the garden

So use the time and make a plan now, to be able to carry it out in better times!