This is the most expensive pigeon ever (1.6 million euros!)

A Belgian carrier pigeon was sold at auction for more than 1.6 million euros. Never before has a pigeon made so much money. The buyer had so much money left for it, because it is a very fast pigeon with a good sense of direction.

Good baby pigeons

The pigeon is called โ€œNew Kim.โ€ It‘s a female, which is why it’s extra special that she makes so much money. Usually males are more expensive. But New Kim is a young pigeon that can still put many little pigeons on the world. It is expected that the babies she has are super good racing pigeons.

The best pigeons to fly competitions come from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Especially Chinese are interested in those pigeons. They try to buy the best pigeons here to win pigeon races. New Kim‘s probably going to China, too.


Would you spend $1.6 million on a good pigeon? Or do you think it’s exaggerated? Let us know under our thesis!