This is the Orange single by Geer and Jeroen!

Gerard Joling and Jeroen van der Boom recorded a single together for the upcoming sports summer. The song Everything on Orange appears on Friday, the singers announced.

Gerard and Jeroen, who also join De Toppers, want to get even more into the Oranjesferen with the song Dutch athletes and sports enthusiasts. โ€œOf course we don‘t want to stay behind in this special time,โ€ says Jeroen. โ€œAfter seven years, the Dutch team is back in a big tournament and will be dedicated to top sport this summer. And with everything that has happened in the last year, it’s time for a party.โ€

For Alles op Oranje, a new text was written on the hit Suzanne by VOF De Kunst. The men recorded the video clip at the single in a street in The Hague filled with orange flags. โ€œThis is fantastic,โ€ says Gerard. โ€œI‘m in the mood for the coming sports summer and all the festivities that come with it. Let’s hope our athletes will do very well. At least we stand behind them like a man.โ€