This is the winner of Heel Holland Bakt

Chances are you saw Elizabeth win the finale of Heel Holland Bakt last night. The home baker from Spijkenisse defeated her medefinalists Thijs and Eric.

Heel Holland Bakt is a very popular program. In total, 3.8 million people watched the finals. They saw how all the finalists did an eight-hour baking marathon. They had to bake a lot of different cookies, pastries and cakes.

Help others

According to judges Janny van der Heijden and Robรจrt van Beckhoven, Elizabeth did the best. She received compliments for her creative and colorful bakes and her helpfulness. When she was done herself, she often went to help other candidates with the assignment.

As the winner, Elizabeth is now allowed to make her own baking book. So soon other people will also be able to try to make her special bakes at home.