This is why eases are always promised, but still not going on

What happened?

Why are these plans promised?

The plans for a press conference are often known days before. Often this information comes from ‘Hague sources’. You read who they are here. Nor is it the first time that plans have been announced, which will not continue. Prime Minister Rutte said earlier that the terraces might open again on 31 March, but that did not happen. And even now there is already a new date on which ‘possibly’ will be eased: 28 April. A lot of people call it false hope. But what about this?

โ€œ Actually, nothing has ever been promised,โ€ says our political reporter Xander van der Wulp. โ€œMark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge never mentioned the date 21 April in interviews. But there was a plan leaked out stating that date because the end of the coronapic seemed to be in sight. Only the infection rates are too bad.โ€

But why are we talking about 28 April now, if the figures do not look good? According to Van der Wulp, the politicians do so because they think that the end of the peak is in sight, and that there are also many people who need a more positive prospect. โ€œActually, they never do it right. For them, it is always balancing between making clear what you are planning, and looking at what is possible and what is not. By calling the 28th as a possible easing day and not postponing it for weeks, they also meet, for example, mayors who want relaxation.โ€

Who finds what?

Mayors of the four major cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague are disappointed that the easing will not take place on 21 April. They say that the people in their big cities really need the outside space. They also say that people will go outside as soon as the weather gets nice, and that enforcement becomes unfeasible. And so infections will be on the contrary.

The hospitality association is also disappointed. They say that public health is one with them too, but that the hospitality industry can be safely and responsibly open. Retailers also sucks. โ€œEspecially because there was hope. The messages about the easing aroused expectations.โ€

The National Studentenunion had also hoped for easing and finds it unacceptable that the HBO‘s and unis remain closed even longer. โ€œThe rapid tests are ready to be distributed. The sooner the better, because the school year is coming to an end. Soon it will be summer holidays and then it won’t make sense anymore.โ€

The hospitals are happy that the easing is not going on. They say that the strict measures are still desperately needed, because in hospitals it is still all hands on deck.

What‘s going to be allowed later?

We’ll hear the exact plans on Tuesday night. According to Van der Wulp, we are told that until the 28th we can do nothing more than we do now. However, the Cabinet hopes to open higher education from 26 April. You would then be able to return to safe college at your college or college with the help of quick tests. They will probably also tell you what the next steps look like: what opens first?