This we know about the prisons of Lukashenko

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, is acting unprecedented harsh and violent against all those who oppose his regime. And not just protesters. Lawyers who take it for detainees, journalists reporting on the trial and human rights defenders are also at risk of being arrested.

Recently, activist and journalist Roman Protasevich was arrested. The Belarusian state channel sent an interview with him this week, in which he claims to respect President Lukashenko. His statement was most likely diminished under pressure, his hands were damaged.

The footage of the harsh arrests on the streets is known. From the Belarusians who are being released, we see signs of abuse and we also hear about mental torture. But what is happening in the meantime, behind the high walls of the prisons in Belarus, continues to speculate in many cases.

We talked to relatives of inmates in Belarus, to find out how their loved ones are doing in prison. Note: the images and stories are shocking. They give a glimpse into the prisons of Lukashenko: