This you need to know about the quarrel at Forum for Democracy

What happened?

What about that fight?

So it is a crisis at Forum for Democracy. The party now has two people in the House of Representatives, but in 2019 it became the largest in the Netherlands in the provincial elections.

The fight started then from the youth organization of Forum for Democracy, the JFVD, drained various apps that were anti-Jewish or pro-Nazi. A number of politicians at Forum reacted fiercely: the youth department had to stop altogether and be re-established.

One thing: the chairman of the youngsters, Freek Jansen, was in place seven for the Second Chamber elections in March next year and is a good friend of leader Baudet. There was also a hassle about him: a number of politicians thought he had to leave. Baudet wanted to wait for an investigation by the party to see the apps.

A group of key politicians at Forum thought that Baudet‘s reaction was too weak and too late. Youth President Freek Jansen is also accused of ‘extreme right and Nazi ideas‘. Also, he would not have expelled the young people who sent the apps too late or secretly even from JFVD at all. Members who had gone to the press to complain about the apps were immediately sent away from the youth organisation.

After the criticism of Baudet that he did not do enough to deal with the situation, Jansen decided to quit himself. Not much later Baudet also withdrew, according to his own words to ‘take political responsibility‘. MP number two Theo Hiddema stopped one day after Baudet’s statement even immediately. Joost Eardmans, who is number four on the list for the Second Chamber elections, indicated that he wanted to become the new leader.

Who finds what?

Fixed, you‘d think. But that doesn’t stop the quarrel. In the meantime, Baudet has said that he wants to become the leader of Forum again. He told me that in a video on social media, but not to the board.

They were not amused, certainly not when it turned out that Baudet has access to all the ICT and social media of the party and thus can do what he wants. A majority of the board now wants him to be evicted altogether.

More and more people at Forum support this and there is even a letter from important politicians saying that he is โ€œradicalized and believes in conspiracy theoriesโ€, although Baudet himself denies it.

He now hopes that the people who are angry with him will start a different party and the people who support him will stay at Forum. The rest of the party board does not want to do so and want to work with all the members to see what they have to do with Baudet and who is going to govern the party.