Thomas Krol takes great rematch with world title at 1500 meters

Thomas Krol has tremendous rematch on his disqualification on Saturday‘s 1000 meters. The 28-year-old man from Colmschate won Sunday afternoon gold on the 1500 meters in 1.43,75

It was for Krol his second world title on the 1500 meter, earlier he was already the fastest in Inzell in 2019. Kjeld Nuis, who was at the top of Krol until the final trip, had to settle for silver in 1.44,11. Patrick Roest completed the Dutch stage, he clocked 1.45,39. Roest won a gold medal in the team chase together with Beau Snellink and Marcel Bosker.

โ€œ I show you what I’ve been showing for weeks. I‘ve been feeling super good for weeks, unfortunately I couldn’t show it yesterday. This is the best rematch I can take,โ€ said Krol at DeccEit. โ€œI also had good chances on the 1000 meters, but I didn‘t get distracted by that disqualification and immediately focused on today, because I knew I would get a re-chance. This allowed me to quickly turn the button and focus fully on that race.โ€

This season Krol won the skating mileage at the NK distances and at the two World Cups in Thialf. โ€œIt’s been going very well all season and I‘m glad I was able to show it at the World Cup now. Actually, it wasn’t so difficult at all. I have fully focused on my own race and not let myself be distracted by the time and ride of Nuis. For me, this is a wonderful end to the season. I got it backโ€, he referred to his first world title in 2019 in Inzell.