Thousands of adherents Trump into the streets in Washington

Thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump met in Washington on Saturday. They are protesting against the outcome of the presidential elections. The Democrat Joe Biden has been named the winner.

The protesters met at Freedom Plaza, a square not far from the White House. Slogans were scanned like โ€œstop stealingโ€ and โ€œwe are the champions.โ€ The Trump supporters are expected to walk later towards the Supreme Court building.

Its about supporters from different groups, both from conservative circles and from extreme right-wing, such as Proud Boys.

A convoy with Donald Trump in the presidential limousine drove past the contestants at the beginning of the meeting. They dreamed along the road to greet and cheer their foreman.

Trump does not accept the results of the elections, which for the time being shows a clear victory for Joe Biden. However, with his remark on Friday that โ€œtime will tell who will take office in Januaryโ€ Trump showed some doubts for the first time, according to various media.