Thousands of Hondurans on foot on their way to USA

A caravan of mainly Hondurans is on foot through Guatemala on its way to the USA. The group consisting of thousands of migrants flees the violence in their own country and the economic crisis caused by the coronapandemic.

Yesterday, 6000 migrants passed the border between Honduras and Guatemala. Today, 1500 to 2000 migrants were joined. They‘re betting that the US will allow them, because incoming President Biden has said that he will be more humane than his predecessor Trump.

Before the time comes, they still have a long way to go. After the tour through Guatemala follows the much longer journey through Mexico, before they reach the border with the US.

Previous caravans

In the early years of Trump’s presidency, migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua also moved massively to the US. Trump sent thousands of soldiers to the border with Mexico to stop them.

He also started building a wall along the border. It‘s hundreds of miles long, but it’s not finished yet. The number of migrants decreased, but this was also due to other measures.