Thousands of North Koreans evacuated due to floods

Heavy rainfall in recent days has caused a lot of damage to homes, roads and bridges in North Korea, among others. Around 5,000 inhabitants have been evacuated due to the floods that have arisen, reports state broadcasting KCTV.

Large areas of farmland have also been flooded, while the country is already facing food shortages. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has pledged full state support to help affected areas.

The eastern province of Hamgyลng-namdo has been particularly affected by flooding. Hundreds of hectares of farmland have flooded there. The head of North Koreas meteorological service expects rain to continue in the coming days, particularly on the east coast.

Natural disasters can have a disruptive effect for a long time due to poor infrastructure in the isolated country. The country is also vulnerable to flooding due to deforestation.