Thousands of people flee to simmer volcano in Philippines

More than 2000 people in the Philippines have been evacuated due to increased activity of Taal volcano. Over the past few days, the volcano spit out toxic gases and puffs.

Residents of some surrounding villages have to leave their homes. If the volcano continues to rumble, 14,000 other people in the area will have to leave as well.

Geologists say that the volcano is fairly quiet at the moment, but there is a threat of danger and may follow a major eruption somewhere in the coming weeks.

Corona is also lurking when evacuating. People are housed in schools, sports halls and churches, where distance rules cannot always be observed. Evacués are asked to wear a mask. Some people are in tents.

Volcanic lightning

The volcano is located south of the Philippines capital Manila. Last January there was a big eruption. 160,000 people fleeed and villages and towns had low ash.

The eruption led to spectacular images, as volcanic lightning emerged in the puffs: