Thousands of people in Louisiana fleeing hurricane Ida

In the coastal area of the U.S. state of Louisiana, tens of thousands of people fleeing the imminent storm Ida. Footage from local media shows that Saturday on the roads to the inland were long traffic jams. The hurricane is expected to land Sunday evening (local time) as an โ€œextremely dangerousโ€ 4th category storm with โ€œlife-threatening floods,โ€ said the US National Hurricane Center.

Governor John Bel Edwards warned Saturday that the hurricane may be the toughest hit the state since 1850. Meteorologists โ€œare very sure about the current trajectory and intensity predicted for Hurricane Ida. And you don‘t hear them talk with such certainty often,โ€ Edwards said to reporters.

The National Weather Service calls on people in areas where an evacuation warrant has been issued to actually leave. That advice also applies to people who do not have to leave their homes but live in the region. โ€œDevastating circumstances will take place,โ€ said the service on Twitter.

โ€œI left Fourchon last night at 20:00 and it’s a ghost town,โ€ says Andre LeBlanc, a captain of a sports fishing boat. From the coastal town he has now left for his home in Lafayette, more inland Louisiana. โ€œWe were one of the last to leave there.โ€

President Joe Biden has already committed to rescue the states as soon as possible when the storm is over.