Thousands of people want to become a new K3 star, a quarter of whom

The management of K3 is flooded with applications from people who want to become the new member of the well-known girls group. Last Tuesday K3 member Klaasje Meijer announced to leave the trio, after which Studio 100 had to look for a successor.

Since then, the entertainment company has received almost 9000 registrations. Although Klaasje was ‘the blonde’ of the pop group, her successor doesn‘t necessarily have to be blonde or a woman. A quarter of those interested are a man.

Studio 100, the music label of K3, is overwhelmed by the massive interest in the child’s vacancy. Against Het Laatste Nieuws a spokesman speaks of a hype. The company is in talks with SBS6 and the Flemish channel VTM to organize a talent show.

The girls group was founded in 1998 and originally consisted of Karen, Kristel and Kathleen. Even after their departure, a TV waste race was searched for new K3 members. In the various compositions, dozens of albums, films, musicals and television series have appeared. Famous K3 hits are Mamasรฉ, Blub I‘m a fish and Grandma’s at the Top.

There are numerous promising auditions for the new K3 member on social media: