Thousands of restaurants in Italy remain open in protest

All over Italy last night, restaurants remained open despite the corona measures. The entrepreneurs protested against the mandatory closure of their case at 6 p.m. According to Italian media, about 30,000 restaurants participated in the action that translated the name #IoApro1501kreeg on social media: #IkOpen1501.

People were called by the hashtag to go to their favorite restaurant to support it. In some cases, the police acted and issued fines.

A video shows how in the northern Italian city of Piacenza the police were chilled out by the guests in the restaurant.

The hospitality industry is struggling in Italy. Restaurant owners say they‘re being destroyed by the coronare rules. They complain they’re going down financially.

In the Netherlands, catering establishments threatened to open tomorrow 17 January last month. Later they saw off the action. They want to open now when the stores open again.