‘Thousands of self-employed workers suffer from error Tax Administration with loan assistance’

Thousands of self-employed workers have had to repay thousands of euros of rent allowance, care allowance and child budget, even though they were entitled to it. Thats what De Volkskrant writes.

These are self-employed persons who had applied for so-called loan assistance (Bbz). The scheme allowed beneficiaries to start their own business with an interest-free government loan from 2004 onwards. The loan was waived if the company earned no more than the standard of assistance.

The Tax Administration wrongly added the loan to the recipients review income in the year it was waived, so they had to repay allegedly overreceived rent allowance, care allowance and child budget.

Omtzigt wants clarification

In 2017, the then Secretary of State for Finance, Eric Wiebes, adapted the scheme at the insistence of the National Ombudsman and the House of Representatives, but only for citizens who were victims in the period 2014-2016. They got compensation, but others didnt. Possibly over 10,000 victims fell outside the boat. Some borrowed money from third parties in order to pay the claims of the Tax Administration, writes the newspaper.

The Tax Administration would also have made little effort to find people who were entitled to compensation. The Ministry of Finance would not be able to see in its administration who the affected entrepreneurs are. Of the EUR 17 million budgeted for it, EUR 2.6 million was spent.

The newspaper writes that CDA member of parliament Pieter Omtzigt, who was previously stuck in the childcare supplement affair, wants to ask the cabinet for clarification. โ€œThe case shows many parallels with the payment affair.โ€