Thousands of Turks stand against termination womens rights treaty

In several cities in Turkey, thousands of people have demonstrated against the cancelling of the Istanbul Treaty, which obliges countries to fight violence against women. President Erdogan announced in March that his country is getting out of the treaty today. Several major demonstrations against that decision have been taking place in recent months.

Turkey was one of the first signatories to the Treaty in Istanbul in 2011. Countries that endorse the Istanbul Convention must prevent violence against women, protect victims and condemn perpetrators. Dozens of European countries have ratified the treaty.

Free Interpretation of Sex

The protesters shouted slogans like โ€œIts not over yetโ€ and โ€œStop womens murderโ€. They wore rainbow flags and signs with texts like โ€œProtect women, not the perpetratorsโ€ and โ€œwe dont give up the treatyโ€.

In Istanbul, people went to the streets, amongst others:

President Erdogan announced today a plan to combat violence against women. He said that the fight against womens violence did not start with this treaty nor will it end.

The Turkish government says the Istanbul Convention undermines traditional family values and takes families apart. Previously, it was said in conservative circles that the treaty would open the door to free interpretations of sex and that it would โ€œpromoteโ€ homosexuality. The Council of Europe Convention stresses the need to tackle sexual orientation violence as well.

Heres a report that Correspondent Mitra Nazar made last year about demonstrations against violence against women: