Thousands of years old pyramids threaten to flood Sudan

In Sudan, pyramid complexes thousands of years old are at risk of flooding due to the persistent rain. It concerns the pyramids of Aerรซ and Nuri, the authorities in the African country report.

The water level of the Nile, near the pyramids of Meroรซ, has risen to its highest level in a century. As a result, there is a fear that, among other things, the royal baths of the pyramid complex are overflowing.

Since yesterday, work has been going on non-stop to protect the complex, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011.

Dozens of pyramids still standing

Meroรซ is located about 3 kilometres from the Nile and over 200 kilometres northeast of the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

The pyramids were built over a period of about a thousand years, between 700 BC and 300 AD. Kings and queens of the Kush Empire were buried in the hundreds of pyramids on the complex. There are still dozens of pyramids standing. In the nineteenth century quite a number were destroyed by an Italian grave robber.

More than a hundred dead

The pyramids of Nuri, which all date from the period before Christ, are located about 350 kilometres north of Khartoum and further from the Nile than the pyramids of Meroรซ. At Nuri, the tombs, which lie about 7 to 10 meters below the pyramids, are particularly at risk because of the rising groundwater level.

Due to the floods in Sudan at least a hundred people have drowned since the end of July and more than 100,000 houses have been flooded.