Thousands on foot in Budapest against anti-lhbti law

In the Hungarian capital, Budapest, thousands of people have protested against a planned law that prohibits education to young people about homosexuality and transsexuality. The protesters say that the law violates the fundamental rights of children and families.

The protest took place just before parliament. demonstrators waved rainbow flags. โ€œThis will prevent children from getting out of the closetโ€, a child care leader told Reuters news agency, โ€œwhile they should have the chance to get outโ€.

Fidesz, Prime Minister Orbรกns conservative party, launched the plans last week; the vote on it is expected next day. Fidesz says the law is meant to protect children from pedosexuals. The ban would apply in media as well as schools.

โ€œCynical and Tastefulโ€

Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch calls the argumentation behind it an insult to the lhbti community. According to the spokesperson Lydia Gall, the law is a โ€œcynical, tasteless and deliberate attemptโ€ to make them invisible in Hungarian society.

The law is already compared to a controversial Russian law of 2013 that prohibits โ€œgay propagandaโ€ and, according to critics, is abused to discriminate.

The chance that the law doesnt make it seems small. Orbรกns party has a majority in parliament. A number of opposition parties intend not to attend the session at all.