THQ Nordic teaserites remake of Destroys sequel All Humans!

THQ Nordic to discounts on Destroy All Humans remake! prepared a special video, and journalists in a press release asked to watch until the very end – there they are waiting for a surprise. And true: at the end of the video, a second alien appears, who asks the protagonist of the first part if hes finished already. He answers to him that small waited for his turn, since Crypto-137 just starts.

The action of the sequel takes place ten years after the original, and the main character becomes Crypto-138 – this is a modified clone of the protagonist of the original. The predecessor dies for unknown reasons.

The phrase of the hero of the first part about the fact that he is just starting, can be regarded as a hint of addition – perhaps, in it the events of two games, showing the birth of the clone and the death of the 137th. A remake of Destroy All Humans! came out last summer and became successful for THQ Nordic.

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