Threatening Prime Minister Rutte suspect remains stuck longer

The 22-year-old Amsterdammer suspected of threatening demissionary Prime Minister Rutte remains stuck longer. The court determined at a pro-forma hearing that the man is likely to post social media again if he is released. Also, the research on his mental health is not finished.

The man, Yavuz O., is said to have posted inflammatory messages in Telegram public groups. According to the indictment, he threatened, among other things, that he was going to shoot Rutte between December last year and July this year.

He also looked for his own supporters to forcibly storm parliament and was looking for weapons.

Looking for friends

The suspect could be heard via a connection at the hearing, says reporter Pien Leerink. โ€œHe indicated that he was only looking for friends on Telegram. He also said he was having a psychologically hard time with himself.โ€

At the end of last month it came out that Rutte is being secured more heavily than before. This case has nothing to do with that. A second preparatory session is scheduled at the beginning of next year.