Three arrests after fatal accident cable car Italy: tampering with braking system

The three people arrested in connection with the fatal accident of a cable car near Lake Maggiore in Italy on Sunday have acknowledged their responsibility for the tragedy, according to the Italian press agency ANSA. The accident killed 14 people.

It concerns the engineer of the cable car and the director and the operative head of the company providing the service. Suspects are overlooked by heavy charges, including manslaughter and responsibility for causing serious bodily injury.

The three have deactivated an emergency brake because it had repeatedly caused problems. On Sunday, however, the braking system could have prevented the drama after a cable was broken. According to researchers, when switching off the emergency system, the three mistakenly thought that the cable could not break anyway. In addition, there had already been several technical problems with the cable car which were not adequately solved.

The accident happened at the cable car from the Mottarone mountain to the town of Stresa on the lake. The cabin collapsed right before the top of the mountain. According to the authorities, most people were dead instantly. Two children were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. One of them later died of his injuries. The other, five-year-old Eitan from Israel, is seriously injured in a hospital. He‘s the only survivor and still doesn’t know that his parents and brother were killed.

Without the current coronameasures, the accident could have been far more deadly. There is room for 40 people in the cabin, but only fifteen were allowed on Sunday due to the corona restrictions.