Three detentions in German-Dutch investigation into plof cracking

Three suspects were arrested in the Netherlands this week in a German investigation into a criminal organisation dealing with plof cracking. Seven properties have also been searched, with a large number of items found and phones confiscated. The gang is suspected of six plof cracks and an attempt to do so at ATMs in Germany, reports the D.A.

The German and Dutch police and justice teamed up on the investigation that preceded the arrests. The German justice has asked for the extradition of the Dutch suspects.

In one of these plofcracks, in Schüttorf just over the German-Dutch border near Bentheim, the occupant of the house above the ATM was injured and residents had to be rescued from their homes by the fire brigade. Thats why the suspects are charged with attempted murder.

One of the three suspects arrested in this investigation is also associated with another Dutch-German investigation into plof cracking. Six suspects have been apprehended in it, four of whom are now trapped. One of those suspects has known to be involved in two plofcracks in Germany, in Geldern and Wachtendonk, also near the border.

Group of Utrecht Residents

The collaboration between Germany and the Netherlands began in February 2020 after police in Osnabrück discovered that a 29-year-old Utrechter ordered ATMs from a company in that region. The German-Dutch research focused on a group of Utrecht residents who were suspected of preparing plof cracking.

During that investigation last September, a 29-year-old suspect was killed in the test of explosives. A 24-year-old co-suspect was injured, apprehended, and has been trapped since that time. After further investigation, other members of the suspected plofcracker group came into the picture.

One of those members is a 29-year-old woman from Den Bosch who is suspected of making packages of explosives intended to be used in explosive cracking. When searching the basement box, the entire neighborhood around the apartment had to be cleared.