Three-Dimensional Platformer Glyph is released on Steam on August 9

Danish studio Bolverk Games released its colourful three-dimensional open-world platformer Glyph on Nintendo Switch in January. And then showed the game during the Steam Summer Festival, and it gathered great reactions and was one of the top ten downloadable demos: it was downloaded 2. 5 million times.

RS-release date: On Steam, the game will be available on August 9. Glyph has been compared to Journey, Metroid, Super Monkey Ball and other classic platformers.

But Bolverk Games has brought a number of new ides. Glyphs gameplay combines exciting aerial maneuvers and peaceful exploration.

Our goal is to restore the ancient Temple City in the middle of the desert: it also acts as the central hub of the game. Players wait more than 80 levels in study mode, 30 levels in test mode time, over a hundred secrets and improvements and a dangerous and devious final boss.

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