Three Dutch arrested after drug smuggling in Finland

Three Dutch people arrested in Finland for large-scale drug smuggling risk imprisonment for up to seven years, media reports in the Scandinavian country.

The trio, according to the police from the Utrecht area, is in custody on suspicion of smuggling and distributing cocaine in the city of Turku. According to Finnish media, quoting the police, the group also had plans to distribute drugs in the capital.


The police were tipped off in the early summer of last year. Based on that information, agents found the men staying at a hotel in central Helsinki. A search warrant confiscated almost 400 grams of cocaine. Research showed that in a year the suspects had smuggled over two kilos of coke into Finland, a large amount for the northern European country.

The cocaine was smuggled through individuals who had hidden the drugs in their bodies. The suspects had rented storage facilities in the Turku region. On the day they were arrested, they had just signed a lease for storage facilities in capital Helsinki.

Quarter million euros

Police estimate that the suspects had already earned a quarter of a million euros from their illegal trade. The arrest also confiscated 35,000 euros in cash, as well as amphetamines and other drugs.

, โ€œWe have worked well with the Dutch police and officers of Europolโ€, says a spokesman for the Finnish police. A spokeswoman for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not yet confirm the arrest, which makes it unclear whether the suspects are receiving consular assistance.