Three Dutch youngsters killed in traffic accident in the Basque Country

Three young Dutch people died in a traffic accident in the Spanish region of the Basque Country. The accident involved the car with the three occupants and a truck. But the local police report remains unclear what exactly happened.

According to the Basque Police, the victims are two Dutch brothers aged 20 and 19 years old and a 20-year-old friend. The accident occurred around 10 am on the highway near Soraluze municipality. Two men died on the spot. The third was taken to a hospital in San Sebastiรกn, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Hay bales on fire

Two of the three Dutch people were trapped in the car by hay bales that had fallen off the truck that drove in front of them that had fallen on fire. The fire brigade extinguished the fire and took the men out of their cars.

The motorway was partly closed for hours to tow the vehicles away.