Three EU countries expel Russian diplomat in Navalny Rel

In retaliation for the expulsion of diplomats by Russia, three Member States of the European Union each declared a Russian diplomat as an unwanted person.

Germany, Sweden and Poland, in a coordinated action, request a Russian diplomat to leave their country. They are astonished that Russia declared a German, Swedish and Polish diplomat to be an unwanted person on Friday and asked them to leave the country quickly.

According to Russia, the diplomats participated in a demonstration against the arrest of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. Sweden and Germany said that the diplomats concerned had observed the demonstration.

The Swedish Foreign Minister calls the action a clear response to the ‘unacceptable decision to evict a Swedish diplomat ‘who was merely fulfilling his duty’.

According to Germany, too, the German diplomat in question was simply doing its job.

Russia calls the decision of the EU countries unjustified and unfriendly, reports Interfax news agency.

On Friday, Germany, Sweden and Poland called the Russian step unjustified.