Three imperfections at AZ

It was a very hot evening in Rijeka for AZ and the end of it was particularly acidic. Due to the 2-1 defeat in Croatia, the Alkmaarders stand empty-handed and Napoli and Real Sociedad continue to the next round. Football scoop gives out points after a huge damper for the formation of trainer Pascal Jansen.

Marco Bizot — 6: At the counter goal just after rest, the goalkeeper did not look good. Was it necessary for him to come out? Or could the fast Sugawara have solved the situation? Well never know, but the fact is, the ball went into the net behind him. That came to AZ expensive.
Yukinari Sugawara — 5: The Japanese never lacks enthusiasm, but that does make him forget the right solution every now and then. If Sugawara gets a little more rest in his game, it is a particularly useful back for AZ. Jonas Svensson was missed.
Pantelis Hatzidiakos — 6: When his buddy has to be replaced centrally in the back, it was up to
Panta to take responsibility and set up the Alkmaar organisation. That went nicest, but the only slippage he made immediately resulted in a countergoal. In the lower part, it was impossible to keep.
Bruno Martins Indi — x: The experienced stopper fell out after fifteen minutes with an injury to the head. Timo Letschert came to replace him. Because the Rotterdammer dropped out so early, he is not eligible for an assessment.
Owen Wijndal — 6.5: A scoring left-back deserves a good point and that
s what the Orange-International gets. He shot the 1-1 handsomely against the ropes from the edge of the penalty area. An important goal, because AZ quickly brushed away the disappointing opening hit. It didnt yield anything.
Fredrik Midtsjö — 7: It
s a pleasure to look at a Fredrik Midtsjö in shape. With its clever passways and good positioning, the Norwegian especially ensured that AZ kept the pressure on the Croats for peace and quiet. He certainly didnt deserve this outcome.
Albert Gudmundsson — 4.5: In recent weeks, Gudmundsson was the striker of AZ, but in Rijeka the Icelander was the number ten active. With his depth and lightness, that went quite well, but that one chance after more than fifty minutes of course should have been. How can you miss that?
Teun Koopmeiners — 7: Just like fellow midfielder Midtsjö, Koopmeiners was very present for rest. He kept his teammates with their heads, but he could not prevent his team from falling far after rest and that European wintering was not achieved.
Calvin Stengs — 5.5: Against Napoli and Real Sociedad, Stengs was
the male. In Croatia, the wing attacker was less dominant, but still with one action he can break open the match. That turned out when he managed to play Wijndal on the edge of the sixteen free. Yet he brought too little.
Myron Boadu — 6.5: He once again got the chance in rush hour and did just fine. Boadu was dangerous, very difficult for his immediate guards and also smart enough not to get carried away in the physical battle that the Croats wanted to make of it.
Jesper Karlsson — 5: The Swedish attacker is always dangerous. He can counterclockwise, he can clockwise, and he can make it difficult for the goalkeeper from a distance. Still not enough for Karlsson, because he lacked returns and he got a red card. It
s been severely punished, but it cant happen to him.
Timo Letschert — 6: fell in for Bruno Martins Indi after 19 minutes. The fear was that AZ would deliver experience and firmness in the back, but that was really not easy. Together with Hatzidiakos, he kept the gate tightly closed, until the team came up with ten men and the pressure became too much.
Zakaria Aboukhlal — x: fell in for Albert Gudmundsson after 70 minutes and played too short for a review.
Ferdy Druijf – x: fell in for Myron Boadu after 88 minutes and played too short for a review.