Three staff Doctors Without Borders killed in Tigray, Ethiopia

Three Doctors Sans Frontières staff were killed in Ethiopia. The three, two men of 31 and a woman of 35, were working in the Tigray region, where violent fighting between the army and rebels since November.

The victims are two MSc coordinators from Spain and Ethiopia and an Ethiopian driver. The relief organization reports that contact with the three Thursday morning was lost when they were on the road. This morning their bodies were found a few metres from their vehicle.

Doctors sans Frontières assumes that the three were killed in a violent attack. We are particularly shocked, outraged and sad. Our employees were in Tigray to help people, and it is unimaginable that this has cost their lives, the organization writes in a statement.

Many on the run

Since the outbreak of violence, many people in Tigray have fled. Theres a great famine in danger. There were dozens of deaths in an air strike on a busy market on Tuesday.

Our correspondent Elles van Gelder was allowed to enter Tigray earlier this month, along with her cameraman Sven Torfinn. This video shows how far they get and how the battle escalated in the area: