Three Worlds on Posters and in the Paradise Lost Story Trailer

Polish studio PolyaMorous continues to talk about its future project, the post-apocalyptic adventure Paradise Lost. The other day, the creators of the game presented their alternative version of the World War II story, which never ended. And now published a story trailer.

The action of Paradise Lost takes place in Poland, in 1980. After twenty-plus years of occupation of Poland, the Nazis dropped a nuclear bomb on the country, and 12 years later a boy named Szymon, the only survivor, finds an abandoned underground bunker.

In a new series of posters developers presented three worlds in which will unfold the story of Shimon and his virtual companion, the mysterious Eve, who contacts the boy via switchs. World endless World War II will be just one of the sets of the journey.

Shimon will get into the retrofuturistic world, as well as the world of Slavic myths and legends. And all this for the sake of finding the person from the photo stored by his mother.

Paradise Lost is released this year on RS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More on CCeit Holding Thunderful Group bought publishing house Headup On Bethesda sued over Creation Club in Fallout 4 In Anno 1800 you can play for free four days.