Three wounded in the explosion in Bordeaux

In the event of a major explosion in a building in the French city of Bordeaux, at least three were injured. Two people are missing, reports the fire department.

A person (89) was recovered with severe injuries after an explosion in the Chartrons district. There‘s also a couple missing. It would be about the garage owner and his partner. Nine other people were slightly injured as well.

It is not clear how the explosion arose in a small house in the center of the city of Bordeaux. A preliminary investigation shows that this would be a gas explosion, but that has not yet been confirmed. According to the fire department, the garage and the garage of two adjacent buildings were destroyed. โ€œThe firefighters have found several gas cylinders, but we don’t know if it has anything to do with that,โ€ it sounded at Regaz, which is responsible for supplying gas.

Several windows from commercial premises in the area were killed by the explosion. โ€œOur fear is that there are many victims with severe injuries and that the surrounding buildings may collapse as a result of the explosion,โ€ it sounded to the fire department.