Thriller ‘Oxygen’ from ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Capkan’ author appears on Netflix

On Netflix, the fantastic thriller Oxygen, authored by Alexander Aja (Mirrors, The Trap) . Story with Melanie Laurent ( Inglorious Bastards) tells of a heroine named Liz, who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber without memory. Just so she can not get out, despite her strength and the prompts of the voice assistant.

In order to free herself from involuntary prison, she would need to remember a past that perhaps contains the keys to freedom. But to do this, she will have to hurry, as all the available oxygen will run out in 90 minutes.

The tape is available with dubbing and Russian subtitles. More on Gambling Media: Marvel‘s Eternal and Shang-Chi can prevent China’s rental In Teardown added a new map and photo mode Timur Bekmambetov wants to shoot Twilight Watch in Screenlife format.