Thump for Van Bommel: Royal Antwerp does not qualify for Conference League

Mark van Bommel and Royal Antwerp FC will not be on display in Europe this season. Things went wrong for the ambitious Belgian club against Istanbul Basaksehir: 1-3, and the first game in Turkey ended in 1-1.
In the early stages, Antwerp was given two chances through Jurgen Ekkelenkamp, but the Dutchman did not have his sights on edge. After seven minutes, The Great Old got the lid on its nose. A combination in the sixteen resulted in Ozcans 0-1, who was able to pop the ball into the roof of the goal.
Antwerp then got chances through a shot by Nainggolan and a handsome chopping ball from Frey. Five minutes before the break, there was a better chance for Frey. The attacker smashed Babacan
s fists. Ekkelenkamp and Frey also got good chances, but the rest position remained at 0-1.
After rest, Antwerp showed up strong and that was rewarded after 55 minutes. Goalkeeper Babacan, who already had yellow, went wrong and caused a penalty. There was no red, but there was a penalty kick. A breeze for Frey, who was able to shoot into the 1-1. Shortly after that goal, however, a cold shower immediately followed for Antwerp.
Stefano Okaka headlined a nice attack by the away team against the nets: 1-2 Vincent Janssen then joined the team, but Antwerp couldnt make a fist after that boost. Five minutes before time, things went completely wrong for the Van Bommel team. Aleksic was able to head in freely. As a result, Van Bommel will be missing in Europe with the Belgian club next season.