Thus, the primary schools reopen: mouthcaps, fixed groups and quarantine rules

The practical guidelines that will apply when primary schools open from 8 February have been published. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has prepared them together with representatives of teachers, school leaders and school boards.


example, mouthcaps are advised for some pupils and teaching staff, there are special rules on picking up and bringing the children and quarantine rules for teachers and pupils.

โ€œ It is very important that children can go back to school to get a good lesson,โ€ says Minister Slob. According to the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), this is also justified, according to the Minister. โ€œThe risks are limited. At the same time, I also understand that there are teachers who are worried about their health. That is why we are taking additional measures to prevent spreading. I realize this requires a lot of organization from the school. We will support them as much as possible.โ€

The new guidelines of the Ministry of Education will be converted into protocols in the next few hours by the PO Council, the dome for primary education. These are going to be a kind of detailed textbooks for primary schools that are likely to be online later today.

The PO Council welcomes the directives, but hopes that there will be enough time to settle everything for next Monday. โ€œIt is very tight,โ€ says President Rinda den Besten on NPO Radio 1. โ€œThat is why we are pleased that Minister Slob has said that schools do not need to provide distance learning tomorrow and the day after tomorrow if they need time to be ready for Monday. That helps.โ€


Trade union CNV Education likes the fact that there is now clarity about the guidelines, after the changing sounds of the past few days. โ€œWe had a lot of questions, now there are also answers. Of course, the risks are never zero. But research by the RIVM shows that risks are limited,โ€ says President Daniรซlle Woestenberg. The union also asked to take additional measures for the superstructure, which are now there.

The chairman calls on the municipality and local GGDs to help. โ€œThere is still a big puzzle for many schools to make the translation into practice at school in consultation with the participation council.โ€

Especially the guidelines for Group 7 and 8 โ€œbring a lot of logisticsโ€. โ€œIf that doesnt work this week, take the space after the weekend. What is not possible is not possible, and no school has been kept to the impossible.โ€

The General Association of School Leaders (AVS) calls the customization behind the measures necessary. โ€œThey are draconian measures, but no less can be done.โ€ The association also hopes that teachers will be given priority when vaccinating.

No mandatory test

Earlier today it was already known that testing children after infection in the classroom is not mandatory. There was a lot of attention on social media. However, schoolchildren who are not tested have to be quarantined for five more days.

A petition Against the testing of children at school has already been signed more than 70,000 times. There is also a sample letter on social media that parents can give to the school to indicate that they do not want their child to be tested.