Tiger Woods hopes for good news after fifth back surgery

Tiger Woods, recently operated on his back for the fifth time, does not know when he will return to the golf course. In an interview with sports commentator Jim Nantz, the 45-year-old sports billionaire announced that he will soon undergo an MRI scan to find out how much his recovery is progressing.

โ€œ I‘m fine, though I’m still a bit stiff,โ€ says Woods, who, as always, aims to participate in his favourite major, The Masters, who will be on the program from April 8th to 11th. Woods won five times in Augusta, and for the last time in 2019, when few connoisseurs gave him a chance. Woods won his fifteenth major, with which he is three more away from the record of Jack Nicklaus (eighteen pieces). When asked whether he can make a throw at his sixth green jacket, he answered. โ€œI hope I make it.โ€

โ€œ At the moment I am in the gym a lot and I am busy with wells. My putter is longer than before, so I don‘t have to bend down so far. And that helps,โ€ says Woods, who hosted the PGA Tour event Genesis Open last week. โ€œMuch depends on my doctors, therapists, and also myself. What the plan is? I don’t know yet. First, see what the mri shows and hope that everything heals well. When that is the case, I can do more activities.โ€