TikTok director resigns after only a few months due to Trump threat

The man who was recruited to boost the image of the music app Tiktok among American politicians quits after three months. The American Kevin Mayer, who had worked for Disney for many years, had only joined the company in May as its highest boss. He says his decision is because “the political climate has changed dramatically” and his role is becoming different than he had anticipated.

After fifteen years at Disney he switched to Tiktok, where he had the intention to let the music app learn lessons from Disney. The app had to offer even more targeted videos that users were interested in.

Conflict with Trump

Trump fears that the Chinese government can access data from American users via ByteDance. But the company denies this and contests Trump’s decree.

In India, the music cap has already been banned this summer because of safety concerns.

‘Issue solved quickly’

Mayer says in his farewell speech that he expected to lead a global company and that this may change due to the changed political climate. Meanwhile, TikTok is also negotiating with Microsoft about the sale of the American branch. Mayer says the issue will be resolved soon. Whether he means that the sale is almost complete is not clear.

TikTok thanked Mayer for his efforts. “We recognize that Kevin’s role in the company will change significantly with the political dynamics of recent months and we respect his decision.”

CCeit Stories made a video about TikTok and found out what is known about the algorithm: