Tiktok lion unclawed rescued from villa Cambodia

Authorities of Cambodias largest city, Pnom Penh, seized a lion on Sunday. The 18-month-old lion was stripped of his claws and canines, lived in a villa and was used by its owner for Tiktok videos

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Cambodian authorities found the lion as videos of the predator went viral on Tiktok video website. โ€œPeople dont have the right to keep rare animals as pets,โ€ the Environment Ministry spokesman Neth Pheaktra says about the case.

According to Wildlife Alliance, an animal protection organization that helped with the raid, the conditions in the villa were โ€œinappropriate for a wild animalโ€. In addition, the lions canines and claws were removed, which, according to the organization, drastically reduces the quality of life of a lion.

The owner of the lion, a Chinese man who illegally imported the lion, is fined $30,000. The lion has been transferred to a wildlife shelter.