Til: ‘Like I played one half, almost stopped after rest’

Guus Til was annoyed by the ESPN microphone after Vitesse-Feyenoord. The Rotterdammers went down 2-1 in Arnhem, after a heated race that was almost fifteen minutes (!) had to be extended.
In the second half, in particular, the game was almost constantly silent. โ€œI feel like I played one half, in the second half I almost stopped,โ€ said the cranky Eredivisie-top scorer โ€” Sunday in Arnhem for its sixth of the season โ€” talking to ESPN. Til denounced the time stretch of Vitesse. โ€œVery frustrating, yes. You see that, seems to me?โ€
However, Feyenoord did not respond conveniently either, found Til. โ€œAt some point, we initiated a bump ourselves, which I also think: yes, we are behind… Then it‘s going to be a long time again,โ€ says the attacking midfielder. โ€œWe find out very quickly (both in the first and second half, ed.) and then you actually have to fight against guests who want to win as much time as possible. What their right is and what makes sense. But then we fought to make that 1-1, made a whole plan for the second half, and then exactly the same thing happens to us.โ€

Guus Til is pretty frustrated! ๐Ÿ˜ค โ€œFeel like I’ve only played one half. Second half I almost stoppedโ€ pic.twitter.com/FaINRaNwYQ
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) October 3, 2021