Tilburg pie maker Maître Paul bankrupt

The Tilburg freezer baker Maître Paul has been declared bankrupt by the court in Zeeland-West Brabant. Whether the coronacrisis has played a role in this is not yet known.

The company employs around 200 people. They have been informed about the state of affairs in several sessions today. The atmosphere is left, explains curator Bart van Logtestijn of Rassers Advocaten. The bankruptcy filed for by the Japanese parent company, pattiserie chain Châteraisé, came unexpectedly to the management. Although Maître Paul has been loss-making for years.

Van Logtestijn will take stock of whether a relaunch is possible in the coming days. The attitude of the parent company is crucial. They are by far the largest customer and will either have to make a relaunch themselves or facilitate it through a purchase contract. We hope to contact the parent company as soon as possible to discuss the relaunch options.



Japanese don‘t want to cooperate, the curator thinks it’s a quick end story. In the next few days, the bakery will still handle the pending orders.

The coronacrisis is not the first setback for the Tilburg company that produces around 50,000 pies and 120,000 tompouces every day. Last year, the bakery was hit by a fire that burned the entire building. The administrator is still investigating whether this is also one of the causes of bankruptcy.

Maître Paul has been in Japanese hands since 2012. The company was founded in 1984 by a merger of Albert Heijn Bakery Albro and Carels Pastry Bakery. The company was previously owned by Milchof Eiskrem GmbH, the Swiss group Nestlé and investment company Clearwood.