Timberborns circulation exceeds 130,000 copies in its first week

The other day, independent Polish studio Mechanistry released Timberborn‘s urban planning strategy into early access. And the premiere of the debut game proved to be a success: it reached Steam’s top selling list and even rising to number two for a while. Timberborn creators reported that its circulation exceeded 130 in its first week of sales thousands of copies.

According to SteamDB, the maximum online was more than 12,000 players. And on Steam, reviews for the game are extremely positive: 95% of customers recommend it.

The studio thanks everyone who supported it during the three years of development and everyone who does it now. Developers are already working on more than just bugs and errors.

The upcoming plans include content updates, large and small, an improved tutorial and a more flexible save system, and support for GeForce Now. In addition to Steam, an urban strategy with beaver is also sold at GOG and Epic Games Store.

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