Timed trailer for Chernobylite console release

Polish studio The Farm 51 has released a new release trailer of Chernobylite survivalist. It is timed to coincide with tomorrow‘s console premiere, with the game coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 28. Chernobylite was originally released on PC and has been on Steam Early Access since fall 2019.

During this time, a number of major content patches and story updates were released, and by its July release, the game came in with very positive reviews โ€” 88% . In places, the game is able to really catch up with the spooks.

When in a dilapidated, empty building you stumble upon dolls watching a working TV, you want to turn it off as soon as possible to make it at least a little more normal. And the gloomy silhouettes on the walls, painted by whom and when, the longer you look into them, the stronger it seems that they are just shadows of something big and evil behind your back.

And there’s no need to turn around at all. Chernobylite review.

UnwaitedKerChernobyLite will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series as well, it will happen this year. In the meantime, backwards compatibility is available for new consoles.

With this release, developers are being helped by publishing house All in! Games. More on Gamemania Shin Megami Tensei V told about dungeons, difficulty and demons 100 thousand copies sold in three days Potion Craft The Witcher: Ronin manga campaign is a success.