TinyBuild announced Expedition Zero, Potion Craft and Despots Game

We have already written about the fate of the prototype Pigeon Simulator, which thanks to TinyBuild will become a full-fledged game and will be released on the RS this year. But at the same time during the broadcast TinyBuild Direct publishing house announced three more new games, and all of them – of different genres. Despot‘s Game – tactical bagel, the action of which takes place in a mysterious post-apocalyptic maze.

Crowds of people find themselves in it without memories and clothes, but with weapons. Breaking to the unraveling of what is happening, you can meet not only monsters, but also with other players.

Potion Craft – an alchemist simulator with the original art: the action of the game takes place as if on pages of ancient manuscripts. Under control, players will be given an alchemist’s shop with all the tools.

And it will be possible to make recipes, lure buyers and experiment in every possible way with potions. The action of horror action movie Expedition Zero takes place in the Siberian wilderness, although the Czech studio is working on it Enigmatic Machines.

Our hero is a participant of the Soviet scientific expedition, who turns out to be the only survived. All three announced games will go to the RS, and they can already be added to the desired list.

They do not have exact release dates, but presumably they will appear this year. More on Gambling The number of players The Sims 4 has grown to 33 million Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood postponed until April The publisher Pigeon Simulator became TinyBuild.