TinyBuild bought Rawmen creators for $10 million

Independent publishing house TinyBuild has announced a new โ€œhire purchase. โ€ Part of the company was Studio Animal, which, with the support of TinyBuild, is working on an arena shooter Rawmen. The deal is valued at $10.

2 million, but developers will receive only a third of this money amounts. The remaining payment will come in the company‘s shares depending on the success of the game.

The full settlement should take place within three years. This is not TinyBuild’s first deal to join talented developers.

Publisher claimed ‘last purchase in 2021’ after part of the company became Matt Dombrowski, creator of the Streets of Rogue. Earlier this year the publishing house bought Russian companies Moon Moose (Cartel Tycoon) and Hungry Couch (Black Skylands), as well as the Studio We‘re Five Games, known for the popular online arcade Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

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