Titan Quest will be re-released on iOS and Android with all DLC already on February 2 – for 1690 rubles

HandyGames after the teaser of the mobile expansion Titan Quest officially presented a reissue for iOS and Android – it will be released on February 2 as a part of the Legendary edition. Immortal Throne, Ragnarök and Atlantis, as well as different technical improvements. Now Titan Quest is available on iOS and Android in its original form.

For unknown reasons at the time of release, the developers did not even adapt the Immortal Throne add-on, leaving mobile players only a vanilla game. The legendary edition will cost 1690 rubles – pre-order can already be placed in the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android pre-registration is available.

The original Titan Quest for iOS and Android is now sold almost three times cheaper – for 650 rubles. More on CCeit Liam Neeson is ready to return to the role of Kwai-Gon in the series about Obi-Wan Authors Elite Dangerous postponed the release of the add-on Odyssey Bandai Namco free hands out Little Nightmares for Steam.